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Seoul Pedal Tram Tour

Have you taken a ride on a Pedal Tram before? Seoul’s new Pedal Tram tour opened last year and starting this year has opened an English tour specially curated for foreigners! 

Although it is thrilling to ride in the open air with 360 views, it is also a leisurely tour that allows passengers time to connect with Seoul, appreciate the sites and share the moment with each other. This is not a zoom by bus tour!! Nor is it hard-work! Our secret is the tram has an electric assist! 

So relax and enjoy the ride with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide to introduce you to Korea’s most historic district. From the big streets to the hidden gems in the back alleys, let’s explore it all!

Now you can relive the historic electric tram route (1899~1968) on our 2023 Seoul Tram!

Seoul Tram is a special experience where the past and the present coexist and will be an unforgettable memory in Seoul.

1.5 hr

Guided Tour

Jong-no District

Food, Culture & History

Map of tram route
(HiKr) Korean Tourism Org Bld

We begin and end the tour at our sponsor the Korean Tourism Organization on Chenggyecheon river. We start with greetings, a safety introduction, route details, sanitation, seating and fitting.

We make sure everyone is  comfortable. The set up process should take 10-20 min.

Cheonggyecheon River

We test our legs on the pedal tram along the famous Cheonggyecheon river road and explain its importance to Seoul city historically and today.

Doksugung palace wall

Follow Doksugung palace wall on a romantic lane and learn the significance of this street to lovers in Seoul.

Changdeokgung palace

Feel the breeze with spectacular views of Changdeokgung palace main gate as we ride towards the palace.

Hidden Streets

Visit a historical site hidden amongst the traditional houses and ancient back streets near the palace.

Songhuyn park

Stop by the new and picturesque 2023 Songhuyn park. Discover how it came to be and what it will become!

The Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae)

The traditional residence of the president of Korea and the offices of his/her administration. Why is it called the Blue house? And what stories does it hold? Who has lived here? And what happened to them? Why doesn’t the president live here anymore?

Learn all this and more at this fascinating place

(HiKR) Korean Tourism Org. Bld

The tour ends where it started. You are welcome to visit our office for a comfortable seat and a free coffee, or follow our guides recommendations and direction to a selection of other great spots to visit, eat and drink nearby.

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