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Seoul Tram Tour (Easy)

Seoul Tram Tour (Easy)

Have you taken a ride on a Pedal Tram before? Seoul’s new Pedal Tram tour opened last year and starting this year has opened an English tour specially curated for foreigners! 

Although it is thrilling to ride in the open air with 360 views, it is also a leisurely tour that allows passengers time to connect with Seoul, appreciate the sites and share the moment with each other. This is not a zoom by bus tour!! Nor is it hard-work! Our secret is the tram has an electric assist! 

So relax and enjoy the ride with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide to introduce you to  Koreas most historic district. From the big streets to the hidden gems in the back alleys, let’s explore it all!

Now you can relive the historic electric tram route (1899~1968) on our 2023 Seoul Tram!

Seoul Tram is a special experience where the past and the present coexist and will be an unforgettable memory in Seoul.