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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Each tour starts at the different time. You can find it on each tour page.

❖ Participants should arrive 20-30min before hand and expect to finish 30min after tour end. This is to allow for bike & helmet fitting and equipment returns.
Our official minimum age limit is 15 due to our safety policy. Younger chilldren’s hand size may be too small to reach the breaks leavers. However, if you feel that your child’s hand is large enough, you may proceed. If not, please use our pedicab service!

❖ How to measure hand size? The length from the purlicue to the tip of your index finger needs to be longer than 10.5cm to comfortably reach the break of the bike.

Search Hikr ground on Google maps (Naver recommended!) or plaese check the link of the ⚑ Meeting Point below!

where we meet

Contact us If you have any questions !