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Seoul Tram Tour (Easy)

Approximately 1.5 hours s
From $60.00

Have you taken a ride on a Pedal Tram before? Seoul’s new Pedal Tram tour opened last year and starting this year has opened an English tour specially curated for foreigners! 

Although it is thrilling to ride in the open air with 360 views, it is also a leisurely tour that allows passengers time to connect with Seoul, appreciate the sites and share the moment with each other. This is not a zoom by bus tour!! Nor is it hard-work! Our secret is the tram has an electric assist! 

So relax and enjoy the ride with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide to introduce you to  Koreas most historic district. From the big streets to the hidden gems in the back alleys, let’s explore it all!

Now you can relive the historic electric tram route (1899~1968) on our 2023 Seoul Tram!

Seoul Tram is a special experience where the past and the present coexist and will be an unforgettable memory in Seoul.



What's included

Electric Bike
Visibility Vest
Adults Ages 12+
Children Ages < 12

Tour Highlights

Meeting Point

Korean Tourism Organization HiKR Building

Frequently asked questions

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Our official minimum age limit is 15 due to our safety policy. Younger children’s hand size may be too small to reach the breaks leavers. However, if you feel that your child’s hand is large enough, you may proceed. If not, please use our pedicab service. How to measure hand size? The length from the purlicue to the tip of your index finger needs to be longer than 10.5 cm to comfortably reach the break of the bike.

Your safety is most important to us. Weride considers safety paramount. We take our responsibility very seriously and as such go above and beyond to ensure the safe use and upkeep of our equipment, the highest training for our staff, and the utmost preparation for our customers. Prior to the tour, you will receive safety information, rider tips, and bike training. If you cannot ride the bike safely or will not follow the safety rules you will not be permitted to join the tour by bike. Even though we do our best to protect you from any danger, accidents can occur. As such you will be required to sign a liability waiver before the tour in order to join the tour. The waiver will indemnify Weride from legal responsibility in the case of an accident. Participants must take responsibility for any damages and/or expenses caused by their own actions, legal or otherwise.

Tour riding time is as advertised however participants should arrive 20-30 min before hand and expect to finish 30min after tour end. This is to allow for bike & helmet fitting and equipment returns. Our guides will be there 30 minutes before the tour starts so if you arrive earlier, please wait for us and if you need any help, please contact us! Participants who do not show up at least 15 min early will be considered late and not be permitted to ride.

No, unfortunately, You are not able to ride an e-bike unless you already know how to ride a bike. If you would like to join the tour but if you don\\\\\\\'t know how to ride a bike, you can choose the pedicab option!

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