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Foods you should try when you visit Seoul, Korea

Foods you should try when you visit Seoul, Korea

I would like to recommend some foods you should have when you visit Korea. Any food you can think of? Bulgogi, BBQ, Hotteok, Bindaetteok, Bingsu, San-nakji, Yeokhoe, Tteokbokki, Sundae, Japchae and so on. 

Today, I would like to recommend some foods that you may love to try in Korea!

1. Korean BBQ

Yummy Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is one of the foods that you would like to try when you visit Korea, isn’t it? The most famous Korean BBQ is Samgupsal, Korean Pork Belly. However, there are many different kinds of Korean BBQ such as thick Pork belly, thin Pork belly, different parts of pork, various parts of beef, and chicken which is also called as ‘Dak-galbi’.

There are two different types of Dak-galbi: the first one is the famous one, which is marinated one and the second one is more like a BBQ one that is cooked on the grill. You can try to explore different kinds of Korean BBQ to find your taste! I recommend you to try it with Ssammu, Pickled Radish Paper for Ssam, and/or cooked Kimchi.

Thin Korean BBQ

Different than the chewy thick version of Pork Belly BBQ, thin Version of Pork BBQ is less chewy but it has a bit lighter taste than the thick version. It also takes less time to cook. Have you ever heard about Ssam? In Korea, people usually make Ssam when they eat Korean BBQ. To make Ssam, they put Ssam-jang, BBQ, rice, onion, garlic, and etc, anything you would like to put on the lettuce. 

For thin version of Ssam, especially the circle shape one, you can use it instead of lettuce to make your own Ssam!

Which one do you think you will like more? Thick one? or the thin one?

Comment which one you would like to try!

While you cook Korean BBQ, oil comes out from the pork and that cooks kimchi in a good taste. If anyone doesn’t like Kimchi’s chrispy taste, you will like this cooked version better!

How about trying Pork BBQ?

I recommend you to have it for dinner since it is too heavy for lunch.

Also try to enjoy some Camping outdoor style BBQ places as well! You can enjoy seefood, sausages, veggie and Pork and/or beef!

The place I visit also had a Hangang Ramyun machine so that we could enjoy the full course. I’ll tell you about it on the next recommendation!

If you like beef better, or if you don’t like oily meat, I recommend you to try the Beef BBQ!

People has different meat preferences so if you are a beef lover, you may love Korean Beef BBQ better!

Don’t forget to eat fried rice after you finished your meat! It is called “Bokkeumbap”. Usually the restaurants will fry some rice on the grill you used, but some places also fry it at their kitchen and then bring it to you.

This one is called Brick Bokkeumbap, the restaurant fry the rice with kimchi and Korean Pork BBQ and than make it looks like a brick using the fried rice Bokkeumbap and seweed. It looks like a brick, isn’t it?

Other sides such as Naengmyeon, Kimchi-jjigae (seoup), and Doenjang-jjigae are also good options for having it with the meat and after the meal.

Don’t forget the Korean Chicken BBQ to try out!

It is also called as Dakgalbi but it is a different type than what you already know as Dalgalbi. It is more BBQ platter so if you like grilled chicken, you can try this!

2. Korean Hangang delivery Foods

Korea is famous for fast internet, fast culture and fast delivery. It is quite surprising that you can order anything from Hangang, which is a random outside places. People order Korean Chicken to enjoy their Chimaek (Chicken and beer) and/or get some Ramyeon. Any other foods are also able to be ordered.

For Hangang Ramyeon, convinience stores at Han Gang (Han River) have these kinds of Ramyeon machine which will cook your Ramyeon automatically. You just need to press the button of which Ramyeon you are cooking then it will automatically pour exact amount of water and boil it for an exact amount of time.

You can also add some rice for both Chicken and Ramyeon. Yangnyeom Chicken (Chiken with sauce) fits well with rice and we call it Chibap. 

There are various kinds of Chicken you can try. Fried, sweet-chilly, soy sauce, garlic, yogurt, Honey, Honey garlic, chili, and etc. There are too many different kinds of sauces so it may better for you to explore.

There is a fun quote about Chimaek, Chicken and beer. Korean Chimaek is the best in the world becuase Korean Chicken is one of the best and the beer is one of the worst so the combination of those two are the best.

If you are curious about how you can recieve the food from the delivery, I’ll tell you how it works. There is a delivery zone where you can meet the delivery driver. When the delivery man arrive at the delivery zone, he will call you to come to the point for the pick up.

You can take your picnic mat or can borrow from a picnic rental shop. While you eat, you can enjoy pretty view of Han gang river with your friends, family and/or with your date. 

You can even rent a table set! It may include board games, speaker, pretty light, and chairs to sit. If you do not want to sit down on the grass for a long time, I recommend you to rent a table with camping chairs!

You can also netflix and chil with your mates!

Taco Tuesday at Cheonggyecheon!

If it is hard for you to visit Han gang (River), I also recommend you to visit Cheonggyecheon where Weride e-bike Tour starts at! A lot of people walk beside the stream. Weride staffs sometimes have a taco Tuesday at Cheonggyecheon as well!

3. Bingsu

Koreans love sweats, don’t they? There are a lot of sweat desserts and one of the most famous dessert is Bingsu. It’s a milk-based shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings. You can find it from any cafes during the summer, but you can also find a bingsu only places such as Sulbing.

If you don’t like too sweat thing, you can order a cheese bingsu which you can eat something salty. Condensed milk is also offered to pour when you eat most of the toppings on the top, but if you don’t like some sweatness, I recommned not to puur it!

Or you can visit to some cafes selling watermelon bingsu, Pineapple Bingsu and other fruit style Bingsus. It is less sweater but it keeps the coolness of ice so that you will refresh the heatness of summer.

This summer is very hot and humid so it is nice to enjoy the coolness from Bingsus. 

Most of the Cafes have different styles of Bingsu, so you can choose any type of bingsu you would like to try. Some personal cafes have cheaper Bingsus so you can also try them!

The picture above is the cheese bingsu with a vanilla icecream and condensed milk.

If you like Mango, you can also try some Mango Bingsu!

There is a Mango Syrup that you can taste the Mango better.

You can also find a Choonsik’s strawberry Bingsu from a convinience store as Weride had it this summer!

If you need any food recommendation, please keep your eye on our next posts and/or you can join our Weride e-bike tour for food tasting and food recommendation!

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