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How to rent a bike in Seoul (Dda-reung-i, Seoul bike, hybrid bike)

How to rent a bike in Seoul (Dda-reung-i, Seoul bike, hybrid bike)

How to rent a bike in Seoul, Korea

Most cities in Korea have a bike share system. The pickup and return location of these bikes can be seen on any local mapping service (such as Naver map or Kakao map).

In Seoul, the official city bike share is affectionately known as Dda-reung-i! 

Why Dda-reung-i? 

It is said that this is the sound a bike makes when you ring the bell! Such a cute name!  

A few more questions: How to use Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike), How much is Dda-reung-i, how to pay Dda-reung-i, what is the age limit for using Dda-reung-i, etc??

Keep reading and you will find all the information about Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) here!.

Watching the video also shows how to use the Dda-reung-i service photos


You can see a lot of Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) 

    1. How to use Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike)?

         A. For LCD bikes: Through the Website

In Korea, People often use Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) when they need a bicycle. Foreigners are also able to use Seoul Bike without verifying themselves through the Dda-reung-i application as Korean people do when they rent the Seoul BIke. 


When you would like to rent a Dda-reung-i, you need to enter Dda-reung-i (Bike Seoul) Homepage) and purchase the day ticket. You do not need to sign up and/or verify yourself to purchase the day ticket. You only need to be older than 14 years old.


    2. How much is it to use Dda-reung-i (Seoul BIke)?

It is a very cheap option for transportation in Seoul, Korea. 

Price for foreigners:

 1000 won for an hour in a day

 2000 won for two hours in a day

 5000 won for a day ticket.

    3. How to pay for Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike)?

You can purchase with any Visa or Mastercard credit card and/or Discover Seoul Pass.

 Discover Seoul Pass is a Seoul Pass you can use for 24/48/72 hours for free entry, discount, transportation and mobile app. Dda-reung-i is included in Discover Seoul Pass.

A day rental of Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) is included in the Seoul Daily Pass if you are planning to get a Discover Seoul Pass.

If you are planning to get both Discover Seoul Pass and Weride Seoul e-bike tour, you can get a discount! You will need to tell us in advance. It’s the only way to get a discount.


   4. Language option for Dda-reung-i (Seoul BIke)?

There are language options for foreigners. You can choose English, Chinese, and Japanese. It will be easy to use due to the language support on the bicycle.

    5. How to buy Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) Ticket?

If you choose the language option at the Korean Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike) website, you will be able to see the “Buy Ticket” Button on the right top. 

When you Press the “Buy Ticket” Button, you will be able to select a voucher you would like to purchase. 

  • Day voucher (one hour) means that you can use the bike for an hour.
  • Premium day voucher (two hours) means that you can use the bike for two hours.
  • Day voucher (one day) means you can use the bike for the whole day.


This is how to rent a bike, Dda-reung-i (Seoul Bike), in Seoul!

Additionlly, if you would like to rent a high-quality bike, I recommend you to check our Bike Rental as well! We have a hybrid bike (not e-bike what you can ride during the tour!) that can help your Seoul ride much fancier and easier.


We have Giant Roam MTB (Medium, Large) and LIV Escape MTV Ladies Bike. It can be your option as well!

You can book it from bike rental page or if it doesn’t work, you can contact us via email to ask as.



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