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Festival you can visit in Korea in September 2023

Donuimun Museum Village Festival

Donuimun Museum Village Festival

Do you know Doneuimun Museum Village? It is located near Weride Jongno area, where you can look around historical Hanok, a Korean traditional houses.

Doneuimun is originally called as ‘Seodaemun’, which means a large door of West Hanyang. 

Donuimun Village

In 1960s, there were a lot of private classes in this area. High-level private highschools were here so that there were at that time so the street was full of private classes. 

In 1970s, high-level private schools started to move to Gangnam area so the private schools so that the private classes has disappeared but due to the new high buildings are constructed, a lot of restaurants are started to be constructed in 1990s.

Donuimun Village map

Doneuimun Museum Village is free to enter but they are closed on Monday and January 1st. On other days, they opens from 10:00 to 19:00.

During the festival, there will be a flea market and many other festivals happening. The flea market is only available for people who do not have any business license.

You can also see a media art about 100 years of story in Seoul. You can see it from 11:00 am to 21:00 pm. If you like any media art, than you will like it!

I recommend you to visit in an earlier time since there are nothing you can see if you visit there too late. You can go in the afternoon to look around and participate in some activities that you think it is interesting.

*You need to book in advance!

DM Village programs

There are several activities that you can book!

If you are interested in Cooking Korean food, there are some Yakgwa, Honey Candy, Making Korean traditional dessert. There is also a Makgeoli making class which will be very fun for alcohol lovers! If you enjoy some kinds of beer crafting class, you will also enjoy Makgeoli crafting class.

All the classes you can find here is all Korean traditional stuff.

Each class are about 20,000 won which is about $15 USD (with the currency on Aug 26). I recommend you to try out some Korean traditional activities to get to know more cultural experiences.

Flea Market in Seoul, Korea

There will be also some Flea Market happening, called 돈의문 골목시장, Donuimun Flea Market. There will be all the non-professional sellers who will bring some stuffs to sell from there home.

You can see some Korean Traditional Style market called 장, Jang, at Donuimun Museum Village. You can enjoy with your friends, family, and/or yourself.

You can see how the festival will look like!

Enjoy some hidden spot of Jongno, where you can explore with Weride’s e-bike tours. If you would like to look around the Jongno area, try out the Weride Morning e-bike tour!

If you would like to visit Doneuimun Museum village by our awesome hybrid bike, you can rent it via our website as well!

Hope you enjoy your tour in Korea and hope you have fun!

Thanks for reading Weride blog. We are always excited to see you!

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